Hi people reading this unacceptable blog

Hi, it has been a while, but don’t worry I am still alive as far as I know.

Sadly I haven’t been to beautiful beaches lately because my dad and brother is and was sick last two weeks. The weather is getting bettah and bettah every day. The local people say that it has been the worst winter in years. Last weekend there was some depressing weather for a while, but the sun is now more and more shining. That is of course not interesting in any way. I’m still enjoying the nature here, we have such a beautiful view from our house, it seems like paradise (except for the garden which is still screwed up like when we came here) with my little buddy that isn’t that little anymore. I eat breakfast outside, almost everyday. Eating with buddy on the small sun deck, couldn’t do that in Netherlands.

Tomorrow it is mommy’s birthday, im excited but it is sad that my dad is still ill, dont let me tell you the details. We were going to eat somewhere in town to celabrate. My mom turns 45 tomorrow, yep, only 5 years to go until 50, time flies.

Enough said you unacceptable blog readers!


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