My experience with my South-African public school.

You might have heard me rant about the school system here in South-Africa. And honestly I cannot say anything else. The self-discipline or independence simply don’t exist. Students are taught as a robots where you put information in without teaching them why or how to deal with the information. Students are not taught to deal with, for example, poetry but simply get a paper where everything is already on, or it is on a projection screen.

Biology is not different at all, all information is just poured into the student’s mind. Instead of teaching how to make summaries and comprehend the text in a textbook they just say: “hi, this information is in the curriculum, study it without using your brain”. I  have experienced Science as one of the subject that is completely different from this. That would make sense since most of the independent thinkers of the grade take Physics. The others simply can’t handle it that they even have to think about the things they are studying. So science people, thumbs up!

This leads to a lack of independence of learners which they will definitely need in life later on (maybe that is why the government is not functioning correctly?!). They try to teach values in the form of ‘Life Orientation’. This is really a useless subject since it is taught over and over again. It should not be a single subject but spread over all the subjects, guys please these are values!

I know that I am not the only one who thinks like this, a few teachers and learners share this with me and it is time to do something about it! This will certainly not be my last post on this matter, surely not because I think the learners get a fake image of how the world works and do not learn how to be independent! I have seen that students do not think further than now. For example, I am not trying to be offensive, but if you go to a ‘only Afrikaans’ it is simply not that smart. I think that it is much better to be getting taught in both Afrikaans and English so you are not limited to a small vocabulary when you are going international.

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