My time in the Netherlands

I haven’t been blogging for a while but it has been amazing in the Netherlands. Starting off in the first week of December with some snow, but there hasn’t been anything ever since. I had hoped for a white Christmas but it didn’t happen, like in most of the countries around the Netherlands. We have visited most of our family and friends but I haven’t met up with a lot of friends yet except for new years eve. It has been nice to have a Dutch new years eve again, with all the fireworks and Dutch donuts called “oliebollen”. I also sold them with my dad at the local supermarket that my father used to manage.

©© me
Selling oliebollen with my father

I’ll go to school in the Netherlands for one day only to meet up with schoolmates, i’m sure it’s gonna be fun. And i’m planning on visiting my other schools for a short time.

I will make South Africa unsafe again from 17 January. So you better watch out…

Since recently I have a tumblr and pages.


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