Victory Gap Year

This year in January I have started the Victory Gap Year (VGY) in Jeffrey’s Bay. VGY is more than a year of procrastination, it is a year in which youth gets equipped, empowered and sent out to advance the Kingdom of God. Victory Gap Year has started as an initiative of Victory Christian Church and has since then grown to be a gap year that has influenced many lives forever. There are in total 5 schools: Leadership Academy, Media Academy, Ocean Masters, Surf Masters and Worship Academy. I study at the one named last.


VGY core contain all the lectures and activities that all schools take part in. The lectures are to lay a Biblical foundation in one’s life. Some of these lectures also include after-care in small groups to talk about what they have experienced and learned, and to deal with issues. The house-leaders play a significant role in this. I can talk freely to the house-leaders about issues that bother me, they are trust-worthy. I have so far attended lectures including: Spirit, Soul and Body; Hebrew 6 Foundations; Ancient Paths; and Purpose and Destiny. Hebrew 6 Foundations deals with the basics of our beliefs, this confronted me with, what do I believe and why? Ancient Paths has taught me many principles concerning blessing and curse, concerning family. Purpose and Destiny provided me with insight to what God has destined me for.

VGY Core Activities

One of the most extreme activities is orientation. Orientation is a mix between major physical and mental challenge, to push us beyond our-thought abilities, and experience that we can do more than we thought we could. It taught me to push through and to obey accurately.

The weekly Church services of VCC with teachings of mainly Ps. Louis Els and Ps. Andre van Mollendorf. The morning service is for general visit, where-as the evening service is especially for youth but open to anyone. Both equally challenge me to move forward, and change further to become more like Jesus and to become more intimate with God, my heavenly father. These teachings have been a significant part my year so far, and it is only April!

In the upcoming month, all students are going on a National outreach to different areas of South Africa. I am thrilled to see what it is like to be on the other side. For the previous two years I was the one listening to the testimonies which encouraged me to go. I am certain that God will do astonishing things in people’s lives, including our own.

Other activities include: Poverty Week, Solitude Week, Community Projects, Church Involvement, Family Days, and the Graduation Ceremony.

Victory Gap Year has been a great journey so far!
This is the first article in a series about Victory Gap Year.

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