Graduation—The End of a Great Year

Half-way during the year I wrote a blog concerning VGY in general. Now it is about half a year later, and this is the sequel. The year has passed quicklier than I had imagined, it passed by too fast. Many good things
have come out of this year. When I wrote my preceding blog-item, I could not have imagined how the rest of the year would be.

I have been shaped in my character greatly. God has given me more confidence to stand up for justice, more security to stand firm, more courage to speak up in silence,  more truth to live in freedom, more victory to live life!

I have been surrounded by wisdom, from people who have lived life and want carry their experience over to the younger generation. These men and women have taught me and the other students what makes us who we are and how we can draw our security from being a son of God. From this security 10629324_954106431272655_5908376142181029315_oflow our actions. We are not what we do, rather, we do according to our identity. When you realise what identity you have, you will act upon that. Once you fully realise that you are a son of God, then there is no space for hate and death because you realise that God as a father has given us guidelines for our benefit. God has not given these to hurt us but for us to prosper. I believe this is an ongoing process of further realising this truth from one area in your life to another. This also makes us immovable in difficult circumstances, when life doesn’t go our way.

I have been very blessed this year. And I believe that VGY has been of a significant effect in my life.

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