Progression, or Regression?

Nowadays what most people like to do is rebel, rebel against laws and rules, standards that were put there in the first place to protect humanity against its social, moral and even economic failure, and violating each other’s liberty.  Western civilization has began determining the rules of a game called life, trampling on a millennium of moral, social, and economical frameworks in just 50 years. Humanity has judicially and morally started determining what is good and evil, ultimately for our own benefit. But is what we deem to be beneficial, really so? Just because it is pleasurable, does it mean that there won’t be harmful effects in the future? Just because we think we can change the rules and laws of life, have they changed (if they have), for better or worse?

As we embark on this ship of progress, is it Noah’s Ark, or the Titanic? Is what we call progress really such, or is it rather the result of our foul imagination, ultimately leading us to regret and regression.

The laws people are attempting to overthrow are only in place for those who ignore life’s basic principles (which lead to a life of fulfilment), for exactly those people who’d like to overthrow them. If you apply life principles in your life you’ll be functioning within its framework and protection of life and liberty for all human beings, and thus you wouldn’t require a law to keep you accountable.

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