It’s been a couple of months since my last post. I hadn’t got around to it. Previously, in April, I wrote about my time at Creare in 2015. I had not written anything about 2016. Now, it’s already the September, and I’m back in the Netherlands, and it’s time to write.

The year has gone fast. The first half I helped my parents in their missionary work. Specifically technology, admin and worship. Besides, I also started an online course in christian apologetics (def.) and philosophy of religion through the RZIM Academy.

The course and work prepared me for my next step, moving back to Europe. In May I applied for a 3-year BA in Theology and Religious Studies at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, Belgium. I was accepted, and after discussing it with my parents I planned to fly back to the Netherlands in August, to prepare for this new chapter in my life.

During my 4.5 years in South Africa, I have come to get used to living at different places. I’ve namely lived in Knysna, Jeffreys Bay and Bloemfontein. The latter two away from my family. This time I’ve moved away from my family from South Africa to Europe. I certainly miss my family, but I can’t say it feels so much further away. We keep keep good contact texting, calling and video calling. Solace I find in meeting friends and family again.

The differences between South Africa and the Netherlands are obviously there. The Netherlands is a rich country compared to South Africa. Expressed in numbers: the GDP per capita in the Netherlands is $50,793.14, while in South Africa $6,617.91. That’s nearly 8 times less! In South Africa you see townships beside the road (and even highways), long streets of randomly-arranged shacks, something you don’t see at all in the Netherlands.

The past month, I have spent in Westergeest, one of the villages in the North-East Fryslân, the Netherlands. I have had the opportunity to meet friends and family, and work a couple of times, and support my hosts in and around the house. I even had the opportunity to join a sailing trip! It has been a good time.

I look forward to moving to Leuven on September 20th, but hope to make the best of my last two weeks in Fryslân. September 24th, I will start studying in Leuven (Belgium) at the Evangelical Theological Faculty. The first year is broad in subjects, ranging from theology, Greek, Hebrew to psychology and philosophy.

I’m excited to start writing the next chapter of my life.
Studying at a university; it was about time!

PS Check my Instagram for photos of my journey.