The End of the First Academic Year, 2016–2017

A couple of months ago, I wrote a bit about my experience studying at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (“ETF”). Now the academic year 2016-2017 has officially ended, and all there is left to do is a bit of reflection, about living in Leuven from August 2016.

Home to 100 000 people and to several universities and colleges, Leuven is known for its historic city centre and breweries (e.g Stella Artois).

The ETF is located in one of the suburbs of Leuven, named Heverlee. The complex used to be a Jesuit Seminary until the ETF moved there in 1975. Part of the seminary-building at the back is currently owned by KU Leuven, as a dormcomplex, while the front part functions as the dormcomplex and chapel for the ETF. The building in front is the academic building.

Now, to tell a bit about my life in Leuven, I stay alone in a dorm at the university campus. Living at the campus has allowed me to connect with other students, and become part of a community of great people. Just taking a break from studying and connect, provides some much-needed relaxation. Having dinner in a voluntary cooking group is a handy advantage, and keeps you connected. I joined a vegetarian cooking group (however unprincipled), which has been a great challenge of my creativity.

In the past academic year, I have also been elected Quaestor of ETF student association Per Aspera Ad Perfectiora for the commencing academic year. Moreover, I am now officially an assistant at the library, which I am extremely excited about.

The new academic year has already begun on September 25th, also welcoming new bachelor and master students to the faculty. These new folks have already been a great addition to the community here. I had the privilege of organising the traditional Novice Weekend, for the new students joined by mostly fellow sophomores.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to tell you more about my plans for the future year soon.

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