My experience with my South-African public school.

You might have heard me rant about the school system here in South-Africa. And honestly I cannot say anything else. The self-discipline or independence simply don’t exist. Students are taught as a robots where you put information in without teaching them why or how to deal with the information. Students are not taught to deal with, for example, poetry but simply get a paper where everything is already on, or it is on a projection screen.

Biology is not different at all, all information is just poured into the student’s mind. Instead of teaching how to make summaries and comprehend the text in a textbook they just say: “hi, this information is in the curriculum, study it without using your brain”. I  have experienced Science as one of the subject that is completely different from this. That would make sense since most of the independent thinkers of the grade take Physics. The others simply can’t handle it that they even have to think about the things they are studying. So science people, thumbs up!

This leads to a lack of independence of learners which they will definitely need in life later on (maybe that is why the government is not functioning correctly?!). They try to teach values in the form of ‘Life Orientation’. This is really a useless subject since it is taught over and over again. It should not be a single subject but spread over all the subjects, guys please these are values!

I know that I am not the only one who thinks like this, a few teachers and learners share this with me and it is time to do something about it! This will certainly not be my last post on this matter, surely not because I think the learners get a fake image of how the world works and do not learn how to be independent! I have seen that students do not think further than now. For example, I am not trying to be offensive, but if you go to a ‘only Afrikaans’ it is simply not that smart. I think that it is much better to be getting taught in both Afrikaans and English so you are not limited to a small vocabulary when you are going international.

Hi people reading this unacceptable blog

Hi, it has been a while, but don’t worry I am still alive as far as I know.

Sadly I haven’t been to beautiful beaches lately because my dad and brother is and was sick last two weeks. The weather is getting bettah and bettah every day. The local people say that it has been the worst winter in years. Last weekend there was some depressing weather for a while, but the sun is now more and more shining. That is of course not interesting in any way. I’m still enjoying the nature here, we have such a beautiful view from our house, it seems like paradise (except for the garden which is still screwed up like when we came here) with my little buddy that isn’t that little anymore. I eat breakfast outside, almost everyday. Eating with buddy on the small sun deck, couldn’t do that in Netherlands.

Tomorrow it is mommy’s birthday, im excited but it is sad that my dad is still ill, dont let me tell you the details. We were going to eat somewhere in town to celabrate. My mom turns 45 tomorrow, yep, only 5 years to go until 50, time flies.

Enough said you unacceptable blog readers!

De eindtijdstudie van Frank Ouwenheel

Na het vernietigende rapport waarin staat dat hij een aanzienlijk gedeelte uit de eindtijd studie heeft verzonnen, noemt hij de sterk onderbouwde kritiek op zijn studie een teken van de eindtijd is. Hij staat nog steeds 100 % achter zijn studie.

Om duidelijk te maken hoe absurd gedeeltes van zijn studie zijn:
In dit fragment van zijn studie geeft Frank Ouwenheel aan dat er straling van 5 Sv (of 5000mSv) is gemeten in een bepaalt punt van de zee. Dit zou betekenen dat de straling op dat punt nog hoger is dan wat werd opgelopen door mensen die vlakbij Fukushime centrale woonden!!! [] Hij gebruikte ook een afbeelding van schepen, die hij afzette als boten die de zee in de gaten houden, onzin, het schip is nog niet eens gebouwd! Wie het niet gelooft kan zelf duidelijk zien dat het 3D ontwerpen zijn.

Ik snap daarom ook niet waarom kerken Frank Ouwenheel nog uitnodigen om te komen spreken, voordat hij toegeeft fout te zijn geweest.

Ik heb een voorganger gesproken die zegt dat het rapport allemaal vuilspuierij en leugens bevat. Hij zei dat hij gehoord had en dat het allemaal leugens waren.  Ik ben van mening dat hij zijn mening gebaseerd heeft op geruchten, en niet zelf het rapport doorgelezen heeft. Hij claimde ook dat hij gesproken had met de makers van het onderzoek, die volgens hem, alles toe hebben gegeven!? Mijn mening is volgens hem gebaseerd op leugens. De voorganger heeft verdere communicate geweigerd.

Rapport (PDF)
Uitgebreid Rapport (PDF)
Rapport (VIDEO)
Verweer Frans Ouwenheel
Commentaar op verweer van makers
Onlangse berichtgeving door over Dhr. Ouwenheel

Hi people reading this unacceptable blog

Hi people reading this unacceptable blog,

The bad news is I woke up at 5 this morning.
The good news is: Today I’m going to Jeffrey’s Bay.
I’m so excited because we’re staying at a guesthouse that is only walking distance from the beach. I’m so happy right now!!! I’ll also will make some footage about which you can watch it at my youtube channel, if I have WiFi. So you will get so jalous that you want to go there too!!!

When we leave Knysna we’re first going to see a bridge at Tsitsikamma where people like to jump off with cords on them (weird right?!). And then we’ll be going to Jefrey’s. Sleep there for a night and then going back Sunday evening. Short holiday but I’m sure it is gonna be a good one.

The Voice UK vs Other

I watched The Voice UK a couple of weeks ago and watched their auditions. I see in X Factor and Idols videos, that the judges sometimes laugh at bad contestants! There is no dignity left and what will happen after this is shown on television? Will this contestant remain living normal without being looked down on? I don’t think so. In opposite the contestants of the Voice must first do audition via the an open audition which is not televised. So if there are really bad singers , they will not be embarrassed in front of a audience at home. This keeps people dignified so they can still do their normal stuff without other people looking down on them.

Only a couple of singers continue to the blind audition. The judges are put with their backs to the contestant, so the judges only will be able to judge on the voice of the singer namely the Blind Auditions. After they noticed the singing skills the can press their button to let the contestant join on of impressed judges’ team. Mostly good singers but also some less skilled singers are asked to do these auditions. What was surprising me was, that even when the particular singer was bad, there weren’t any insults. Only constructive feedback that mentioned things that the particular singer could improve. One of the judges (Danny O’Donoghue) said:

“The stance we’ve taken is that you can deliver bad news in a good way. Maybe it’s not great for ratings but we had a 17-year-old on our show and she wasn’t great. Are we going to destroy her so she couldn’t walk down the street? Absolutely not”

Simon Cowell, was judge in American Idol and is judge in X Factor UK&US, thinks differently about bringing bad news. He often says that people’s singing is awful without really delivering useful feedback for the contestant to improve their singing, afterwards. Also other judges at X Factor and Idol do not deliver useful feedback, with exceptions of course.

X Factor and Idol have high watching rates. Who wouldn’t like to watch people laughed at and insulted. But is it all worth it? I don’t think it is. Shows like The Voice have more potential. I’d rather watch a show that leaves peoples dignity and is less sensational then watching a show which is sensational because the judges insulting the contestants.

2 rhinos killed each day

As stated statistically there are two rhinos being killed each day in South Africa. This is not really surprising for the street-value of the horn being about R520000[1]. Most of the poachers come from Mozambique,  a country with the lowest Human Development (read as poor) [2]. The bad conditions and the high street value make it attractive for people to hunt these animals.

Rhino horns are popular because of there use in South-East Asia. The people there believe that it can prevent and cure cancer. It is also found in old Chinese medicine to treat, in a mix, a lot of diseases.

I think this could be stopped by searching for the traders that make it possible to sell. Hereby the poachers can’t sell their rhino horns and will stop hunting rhinos. If this is being done wrong, the street value could rise to a much higher amount which makes it even more attractive to hunt them. I also think that scientist should investigate of the use of animal body used as medicines is really helpful.

Overall source:

This was an writing project for English but an extended version since there could be only 120 words being include in the task.

18th December 2011


Approximatly 9h00 started the service at ‘The Island Church’ in the centre of Knysna.
This a charismatic church with the goal to be ‘A place of grow’. You can also find them on FaceBook.


We planned to go to ‘The Heads’ that are the famous rocks of Knysna.
The place was too busy we didn’t go there after all.

So we went back to our cottage*. My dad, brother and I played many times UNO after arriving at the cottage.
My dad stopped but my brother and I continued with playing. We played ‘four in a row’, UNO and <Rumicub> with UNO cards.

We had Rice and (roerbakei) for Dinner. It was nice though there were not many vegetables in it.
After we had had dinner I went to the <hangmat> near our cottage. My brother and I have had many arguments about it.
Particular who would be first on it. we had some deer visiting our cottage.

And as usual we played some UNO. I always win (not unfortuantly).

3 days in Africa (living in a cottage)

It has been 3 days ago since I wrote some on my blog. In that tree days we had a little culture shock. We were suppose to live in a cottage which was far from clean. In one room it smelled like there had been a beer flood. The cottage smelled bad. There was still some coffee in the cups. The whole thing was a real shock compared with the clean cottages in the Netherlands but the owners where nice poeple they were really really nice. I will post some pictures maybe.