2015 in Review: Creare

Creare Logo.pngApril is already approaching, and the last day March is most-probably too late to review my nine-month stay and study at Creare Training Centre1 in 2015, but such the cliché expression speaks of: ‘better late than never’. In February, I arrived in Bloemfontein after a 6-week stay in the Netherlands. My objective: to be trained at the year program of Creare called Sons as Eagles, with a specific study path in music. The core subjects challenged me in that I encountered philosophy and theology that was different to what I believed. This is one of the aspects I didn’t perhaps enjoy the most, but it definitely developed the foundation of my Christian and the basis for my philosophical beliefs, and this is what I’m most thankful for.

Besides the core subjects, I studied several musical instruments, music theory, band dynamics and sound engineering. This created an opportunity to furthermore develop my musical and technological skills, and apply them.Practically, I was involved in the sound engineering aspect mainly, regularly manning the sound console and assisting in the transition from analogue to digital audio at the local church.
During the Southern-Hemisphere winter-months I assisted my parents in the HoliIMG-20150727-WA0004.jpgday Kids Club2, but in a later blog I’ll elaborate more on this. but back to Creare in July, together with a team  consisting Jolene, Garith and myself, we travelled through South Africa (mostly the Northern Cape) as part of a national tour. The team taught several art and theology subjects, but mainly to reach out to communities, churches and schools to show them the love of Jesus. As the last week became vacant, we had the opportunity to organise events in Knysna and Karatera. The tour not only increased our experience teaching or reaching out, but more-so strengthened the friendship amongst ourselves.

My time at Creare was incredibly engaging, at times pushing me beyond my limits, yet honestly, I would not have wanted to spend it anywhere else. The year provided me with such opportunity to become a better team-member, get skilled and connect with some fantastic people, and to reconnect with friends from VGY. Thanks Creare!


1 Originally a Christian art school, Creare is a Christian-based development centre with the intent of training students in the specific areas  You acquire skill and character which you will need later in life. Each student is required to study the core subjects, ranging from evangelism to worldview, with amain focus on biblical studies and missions. Students also need to choose a specific study path out of 10 wide-ranging options

2 The Holiday Kids Club is a week-long event that is organised by, Good News ZA. The Holiday Kids Club is part of an ongoing effort to change the life course of the children and youth of the rural villages surrounding Knysna. Their environment presses them in the direction of a hopeless future with alcohol and drug abuse. Good News ZA has a long-term vision to show the children and youth the way to a hopeful future in Jesus’ name.